I don’t have a CI – never will as I’ve nerve deafness, but I appreciate the difference between what I can hear and what others hear. Hearing aids don’t help differentiate sound any better than a CI does.

The Limping Chicken

This enlightening short documentary made by St John’s College, Oxford features Helen Willis who was one of the first people in the UK to receive a cochlear implant.

The documentary shows how cochlear implants work, gives examples of the difference between ‘normal’ hearing and what Helen hears, and shows her life as a student in Oxford. We also find out that Helen, who lost her hearing due to meningitis, uses BSL with her parents and friends.

Helen sees being able to live in a world of silence and a world of synthetic sound as “a gift.” This is well worth a look.

The Limping Chicken is supported by Deaf media company Remark!, provider of sign language services Deaf Umbrella, the Deaf training and consultancy Deafworks,the RAD Deaf Law Centre, and BID’s upcoming 5th anniversary performance by Ramesh Meyyappan on 12th October – don’t miss it!

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