Hearing Aids – not for the faint of heart

Oh fer goodness sake! Who knew that the earbud of my Naida was going to be so fragile?  I had no idea that the comfy little ear bud was going to fall apart – in my ear, no less.  I was taking it out using the little pull string when the string came out, along with a tiny speaker and the rest of the “guts” I did not realize were in there. My other ear pieces are just some sort of molded plastic with a tube.  I was sitting there in the car, wondering how to get the rest of it out without the little string thing. Suffice it to say, I did get it out and the thing looked like it had run afoul of Wolverine from the X-Men. What was THAT about?  I called the dealer and it will cost $120 for a replacement for an essentially NEW product. I’m mind boggled.  Aren’t they supposed to last longer than a few months?  It is not even a year old!

So today I looked for my last hearing aid – found it, put the battery from the damaged one in it – nothing.  Not good. So I found the hearing aid I’d lost for a year (under a car mat, no less) and put the battery in that one.  It booted, then died. I considered the patriarch of the clan, but went with the one that booted. Got a new battery and put it in.  I realized that it actually fit better behind the ear than the Naida so I’m going to have to get the Naida refitted. It has not been particularly comfy for me in the BTE part.

Because one good FAIL deserves another I killed my iMac by downloading the new OS (sigh) and spent two hours on the phone with support trying to figure out whether it was better or worse with the old hearing aid on (no iCom for that one), getting disconnected once and then still having to truck up to Salem, NH to the Apple store to have a Genius  fix it in 10 minutes.  I tried wearing the old aid in the store, but he caught all the background noise and I turned it off and tucked it in my purse so I could hear the Genius.

I tried wearing my old one to a meeting tonight where there was a lot of background noise (and terps) and ended up taking it out yet again. Thankfully, the folks with the little kid who was bored out of his mind went home at the break, but I decided to just do terps tonight. I’m tired of sound headaches and the older hearing aids tend to give me more of those. Sometimes I wonder about those old ear horns… ear horn

Mentioned this to some HoH friends who freaked wondering where their back-up aids were in the event their primary aid went down.  A good reminder that strange things can happen when you’re dependent on an appliance that is small and sort of dainty to hear things.

Let this be a lesson to those of us with back up aids.  Know where they are in the event you’ve got a sudden system failure.

Photo of earhorn by Photo by Chainsawbait


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