Month: May 2014

Quiet Advocacy

A couple of weeks ago I was interacting with someone locally and realized that each time she looked down I stopped talking, starting only again when she looked up.  I told her I 20131031-110603.jpgdidn’t realize I was treating like she was hard of hearing.

Guess what?  She was hard of hearing.  Not only that, she has progressive hearing loss.  And she can’t afford hearing aids.

She had no idea that Mass Rehab could help her so that she didn’t lose her job due to hearing loss.  She was awed that I had information that could help her that I willingly provided.

We got disconnected while my daughter was ill and just reconnected recently.  This time I wrote all the instructions down including what she needed to have once her 90 wait period was up.  She was so thankful.

So many people go through life never knowing there are services to help them.  I wish I knew a way to fix that. I guess all I can do is just keep on being a one person at a time advocate.


The benefits and drawbacks of being hard of hearing


1. When my daughter and one of the grandkids are having a conversation and need a little privacy I can look away from them and they have privacy – all I hear is the murmur of voices.

2. If they need even more privacy because the conversation is, um, energetic, I can take my hearing aid out.

3. When my grandson is playing games on the iPod that are annoyingly loud, I can take my hearing aid out.

4. The younger generation loves texting. I love texting! Win-win!

5. I do not need to hear to crochet. 🙂


1. Talking to me from the next room makes communication impossible.

2. Yelling down the stairs is similarly pointless.

3. Talking to me when the TV is on, the X-Box is being used, and someone is listening to music on the iPod means your chance of success is very poor.

4. I am often baffled by what that potential noise is. I refer to this (mentally) as the Name That Noise Game. Yesterday night I leaned out the door, looking around to see if we were having another rainstorm. It was the shower upstairs.

5. The sounds of chewing. Do you hearing people actually get used to that?  Hearing aid out.