You may have noticed I seem to be unable to have just one focus.  What can I say?  I have more than one interest in life.  I know blogs with a specific focus seem to get more followers.  Eh, I’m just living life.

I’m entranced by American Sign Language, Deaf Culture, being Hard of Hearing, and all that goes along with it – hearing augmentation, interpretation and CART.  This is a huge part of my life.

I am a highly visual person (no duh, since my hearing is impaired) so I am always looking at things. Hence, I’ve become a shutterbug, but largely of things that are not in constant motion like my grandkids.

I’m also interested in food, specifically on the low-carb spectrum.  And also exercise and fitness.  It all fits in together.

Your Lighter Side – a blog with hundreds of low carb recipes, including a great on for a coconut flour hamburger bun.  

Wheat Belly Blog – I’ve been quietly ranting about this for years (old farm girl that I am) and now there is one more voice of sanity crying in the wilderness.  Wheat – the tobacco case of tomorrow.

I’m into reading far more than TV, Movies, etc. In terms of recreational books, I can do through one a day.  I’m a speed reader.

I’m also into grandkids, dogs, crafts, and all sorts of things.  So while I do try to focus on life as a Hard of Hearing Boomer the bottom line is that life is about a whole lot of things.  So enjoy it.

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