One of the very few times you’ll ever see me reblog from one of my blogs to another, but since it is legal it belongs on Law Office and since it has to do with Deafness and ASL it belongs on Another Boomer Blog. For those of you who subscribe to both, I hope you like it twice as much now.

Dear Non-Profit Organization:

You know who you are.  Your employee contacted me today.  I wear many hats, including that of a Host for an American Sign Language (ASL) Meetup in the greater Boston metro area.  Your employee had no idea that I’m Hard of Hearing or that I’m a lawyer.  This person was just trying hard to find free interpreters for you cheapskates cost conscious people.

Since you provide services to members of the public with a specific health disorder, one that can cause hearing loss, and since you accommodate other individuals with disabilities (such as wheelchairs), you missed the boat by thinking ASL Interpretation is the same thing as asking for a Spanish interpreter. Speaking Spanish is not caused by a disability.

Deafness requiring ASL interpreters or Computer Assisted Realtime Translation (CART) is because of a serious disabling condition.  (Deaf Community people reading this – please, I know…

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