Death of the organic garden

Soft sounds of Taps on the wind.

I know it was needful to spray for mosquitos since we now have West Nile virus infected blood suckers here. (sigh) Really, I appreciate the pubic health need.

It is just that I worked so hard on the organic garden for my multiple chemical sensitivity afflicted friend. Now I’m back to scrubbing vegetables and fruits to get toxins off them that could trigger real problems in her.

OTOH, I feel vindicated about my directions to a diabetic friend to totally avoid grains. Not only are his sugars better and the swelling in his body down and he has experienced needed weight loss, but when he ate grains today he blew up like a water balloon and is now a believer. When one has been poisoning themselves for 60 years it is not until one removes the poison from the body for a while and then re-introduces it that one sees the difference.

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