You want to do WHAT?

Boomers regarded the “older generation” as “square” and “out of touch.”  Adults decried the Beatles (long hair), hippies (longer hair), rock and roll and both mini-skirts and grannie dresses and bemoaned the lack of morality and respect of the younger generation.

Fast forward to 2011. I’m on a Boomer social networking site.  I read posts from Boomers that sound more negative and judgmental than our parents were. It gets old, let me tell you.

When one woman seriously suggested that all ten-year old girls be implanted with birth control drugs I could barely believe my eyes.  What kind of person would be willing to engage in a forcing drugs onto a child in the belief that she’s some sort of sexually profligate being that had to be protected against herself?  What would it do to her little body?  What message does that send about her, to her, and to men?  I admit it – I blew up and stomped away with an irate “flounce post.” A pox on that woman and all her ilk. This is nothing less than advocating child abuse.

There are over 21 million teens in the US.  Half of them are girls.  Do the math. Only about 750,000 of them get pregnant. And if no one got pregnant, ever, where would children and grandchildren come from?

I went to the gym and ran uphill on a treadmill for almost an hour to work the anger out of my system.  I walked out looking like someone dumped water over my head.

Did Boomers misplace their humanity during the last 50 years? Why are we savaging our grandchildren this way by acting as if they are amoral idiots incapable of making decisions?  If we didn’t raise our children to be adequate parents to the youngsters of today, then shame on us.  I am proud of the younger generation.  You are my future and the hope of the world. Don’t let bitchy old people get you down.

(stepping down off soapbox…)

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