Apparently someone at Bridgewater State (either students or my fellow Symposium attendees) had “the plague,” which (of course) I’ve contracted.  

It feels like change of life all over again with hot flashes, cold flashes, and to spice it up a little, the inability to breathe through my nose – which means dry mouth on top of my periodic snuffling and explosive decompression, I mean sneezing. My sinuses have started taking up brain case space — making my teeth ache. Such fun!

So… if I am missing in action for awhile, you’ll know why. Thank god my friend, Jim came over and acted as my valuations expert to help me wind up a demand letter. Now I can collapse into my warm bed and … suffer. (whinging in the background…cough…. sneeze! … blow… whinge…) I can hardly wait for my one good ear to stop up. Then I won’t be able to hear myself.


    1. Thanks – I try to impart humor to suffering. If we cannot laugh we may well cry.

      Could I offer you my sinuses? If you live in a warm spot perhaps you could dry them out! Anyone here from Arizona? LOL

      1. Don’t want to add insult to injury but I’m in Los Angeles and it’s already in the 60’s and threatening to be in the hight 70’s today… Do bring your sinuses:)

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