What songs/music describe you best?

I’ve been listening to the recorded book “Sing You Home” by Jodi Picoult and one of the inquiries the character Zoe Baxter, a Music Therapist, makes of prospective dates is to list 8 songs/musical pieces that best describe them.  It is an interesting concept that could easily apply to lots of people we meet informally as a talking point.

I’ve wondered if I could list specific songs or if I’d have to just list artists or composers? I generally feel this way about certain authors. It is difficult for me to identify, for instance, the best book by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Can I identify the Eagles song that resonates most strongly with me as an individual? What if I said, Desperado?  Does that mean I’m a loner who fears relationships?  Or what if it was I Wish You Peace. Am I then focused on good-byes that are kind? How does that contrast with my love of Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) by Enya?  Or Wolves by Garth Brooks? Does it matter that Celtic music with haunting melodies featuring flutes or tin whistles can turn my heart to mushy goo? Or that I think I Pray For You by Jaron should be listened to by anyone who’s had a bad breakup and needs a good laugh.

If nothing else, it provides interesting fodder for conversation.  What song would best describe me?  I’ll take a stab at it:  Isles of The Shoals by Tim Janis.  Wild, haunting, full of joy and longing.


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