Does Anyone Actually Hear Much?

Here’s a series of memes I made on Canva to address what happens in noisy meetings.

This is what a meeting sounds like

This is what a meeting sounds like-3

and i feel like this

So the question is, how much do fully hearing or even mostly hearing people get out of these meetings?

I recently went to a writer’s guild meeting at a large, noisy restaurant and despite being in a dining area that was closed off there was still a lot of kitchen noise and noise from all the people there. One woman next to me kept asking others to speak up (it was a long table – think Hogwarts) so EVERYONE talked louder (think the concert). By the end I felt like the Halloween figure (inside).

Thank heavens the presenters were across from me AND they had big voices.

At one point I took out my HA to keep from getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of undifferentiated noise.



Sitting in an ER room as support and I am ready go to insane.

There is a forced drip that my HA picks up and magnifies. Not to mention the other machines.

Click. Click. Ba dum. Tick tock. Brrrrrrrrr. Whoosh. Wash, rinse, repeat … Forever. I want to rip my ear off.

It sounds like some demonic Steam Punk clockwork machine.

Why can’t HAs just remove the junk sounds?