The long dry spell is almost over

Due to one thing and another this blogger is moving back to the States in few days. I’m headed for Texas. Why Texas? Family.

I’ll be landing in a college town with a center for the deaf and hard of hearing (yea!) and will certainly have more to comment on when I’m in a community in which I have the opportunity to understand some of the communications. 🙂

Being in Mexico has been fascinating. The people are very kind. My ability to learn Spanish has been about nil. I just can’t understand it. Them’s the breaks. I wanted to try to go to Cabo, but there were serious storms and other issues that got in the way and I finally decided not to bother.

So the car is almost entirely packed (final loading of top rack tomorrow) and then I’ll hit the border and hope not to get caught in secondary screening (which would take many long, hot hours). If it doesn’t take hours on end I’ll head out for Arizona on the first leg of my journey.  The wee little doggie and I are going to visit a friend in Tucson for a couple of days before pushing on.

I wanted to poke around in New Mexico, but not sure I want to drive a long way to see the sights. Still pondering. I was considering Las Cruses, but they just had two bombings there – and people are afraid for me in Mexico!


  1. Wow, I know I’ve been out of touch with the world for a while, but I’m so surprised.
    I hope you will be very happy.
    and I hope to keep up with you more.
    good luck on your journey.

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