I bet you thought I died

Its been awhile.  That’s what happens when life runs away with you.

I lost my HA in my travels and need to get a new one. I’ve finally determined after an arduous search that it is not between the seats in my car. 😦  I hope my insurance is still in force, although even with that it is $750!  If not – there’s no way I can come up with another $3k.

Yesterday I took a friend to a major medical center in a major metro area I’m not familiar with. The ER was not private vehicle friendly and my friend is in a wheel chair. I ended up having to use the ambulance area because that was the only way to get her in and time was of the essence.

Thankfully, someone came out to help her while I darted inside trying to get help. The problem came when I got boxed in by ambulances and could not go out the front or the back. I had one in front, two to the sides and one behind.  Unfortunately, the car does not have thrusters like a Harrier Jet and cannot rise straight off the ground. Need to look for that option next time. (right…)

A guard asked the (no lights/no siren) ambulance behind me to move. This made no sense as that one had a passenger it needed to drop off and the one in front of me did not.

Let us add to that a winding drive going down a hill with huge curbs jutting here and there. And a passive-agressive ambulance driver who moved barely enough to let me out. I’m sure he was irritated, but really…it made me take longer.

And then the fact I couldn’t understand – or sometime see – ear
the guards who stood behind me to yell at me which way to move. I kept saying, “I’m Hard of Hearing! I can’t hear you!” So a bunch of them gathered – behind me.  (sighing)  On my deaf side.

It was a mess. And my wee little doggie was still alerting about how sick my friend had been.

I did get out without hitting the curbs or the ambulance. Whew!

I acquired a few spectators who stood around shaking their heads and shaking their fingers including a guy who looked like Santa in a wheelchair with hair almost down to the ground who was very condemnatory. What? There’s nothing on TV? No reality show?

I wanted to jump out of the car and yell at them – you try doing what I did – crossing an unfriendly border with a sick person in your car who is having problems breathing. And do it while remaining calm and chatty to keep the person more at ease. And then drive to a major hospital in a part of a metro area you’ve never been to before. Where there is no non-Ambulance drop off point. See how well you figure things out.

I did not get out. I did not yell. You’d have thought the half-dozen guards there would have done some crowd control, but nooooo.  I drove down the block, stopped at a fast food restaurant, let the dog out and calmed her down before our long drive back.

Just another day in the life of the HoH woman engaging in random acts of kindness.

I hope my friend is okay. I haven’t heard anything yet. No news is good news?


  1. wow! Have you heard about your friend?

    I can’t believe an emergency room would have no place for a non ambulance drop off. How awful.

    So if you have a life threatening emergency in Mexico you have to cross the boarder to go to the hospital? How far away are you from help?

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Thanks for commenting and inquiring about my friend. She is in the hospital with complications from the surgery she had several weeks before. Nosocomial infections or other issues are not uncommon these days.

      There are ambulances in Mexico – but they only go Mexican hospitals or to the border. I assume the same is the case with American and Canadian medical services – they stop at the border.

      I’ve found out it can cost up to $2k to get from a border to a hospital. I’m sure there were closer hospitals – but not the one the right doctor was at. I’m glad I could be there for her.

      I’m about an hour away, depending on traffic. In case of dire emergency (heart attack, stroke, etc.) where minutes or seconds count, one would want to go to the Red Cross hospital in the Red Cross ambulance locally and then arrange for a transfer once there is stabilization.

      1. I’m very glad you could be there for your friend!! I sure hope everything turns out for her.
        I feel so bad that she had to go through such an ordeal..and continues to go through it. My heart goes out to her.

        I’m glad you have an emergency plan in place. You can never be too prepared.

        I suppose going to a Mexican hospital would be out of the question?

        my best to your friend…and you!! and your doggy too! 🙂

  2. I took her to a Mexican hospital, but she has had major surgery and had complications from it. She needed to be back in the US where her surgeon is and where she can get the complex care she needs.

    She’s still in the hospital, BTW. It is similar to the difference between going to a rural hospital and a major medical center. We are not close to major medical center hospitals like the one in Guadalajara. I am not sure if they medivac serious cases to mainland Mexico (for Mexican patients) or what.

    She is pretty much replicating what happened to my daughter. Bad injury followed by surgery followed by nosocomial infection(s) followed by severe complications. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.

    I have lost track of her, but she has closer friends and relatives monitoring that. I’m just taking care of her little dog. I think I’ll try bringing him here tomorrow. We’ll see how Kinley does with that. Kinley is bored so maybe that will help. I am considering going to an SPCA in the San Diego area this weekend – they’ve got an adoption special going on. I’ll take my little gal and see if we can find her a little pal.

    1. Ah….light bulb goes on in my brain. I’m understanding your situation a bit more now.

      I hope Kinley will accept her little dog for a while so you can doggy sit there, I’m sure it will help both of you out. (I’m sure her little doggy is lonely.)

      and a new friend for Kinley!?! If she agrees to having a sibling, I hope you end up with one as grand as our new addition, she really is quite the love! I think Stuart comes up with a new name to add on to her’s every day. Our little Kiki-roonio…I think it was today!

      Good luck!!!!

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