Boxer (The Horse, This Time)

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By BitcoDavid

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I’m reminded by my good friends and mentors at MadMike’s America, that today is George Orwell’s birthday. The venerable author, linguist and political activist would have been 110 years old, today.

One of my favorite Orwell characters – and not related to my avocation – is Boxer, the horse from Animal Farm. Boxer was a truly selfless individual. Even as his own breath was failing him, he would utter what was to him a mantra, “I must work harder.” Regardless of what Boxer was intended to represent to the story, one can’t help but to respect his work ethic.


I feel like Boxer, sometimes – I’m sure we all do. One area where Boxer’s unstoppable attitude would serve me, is in helping to free Felix Garcia. We had a great week, and got almost 100 new signatures on Felix’s petition, but…

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