Deafness and Introversion.

Cats and Chocolate

IMG_4260From the moment I could read, I became an introvert. The worlds I visited, the characters I got to know, the meditative and silent state I fell into – they fed my inner world. The questions that I sought to answer by reading more, by thinking and questioning, helped me to make sense of the world. In some ways, I was an extroverted child; I played with many people, I had moments of loudness and overwhelming excitement – but I always returned to and felt nourished by moments of silence, playing on my own or reading. My parents’ attempts to get me to put a book down at social gatherings would often end in frustration.

How much did being a deaf child contribute to this desire to stick my nose in a book? It may have contributed in some way, especially as I reached the awkward pre-teen ages, and my…

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