Sitting in an ER room as support and I am ready go to insane.

There is a forced drip that my HA picks up and magnifies. Not to mention the other machines.

Click. Click. Ba dum. Tick tock. Brrrrrrrrr. Whoosh. Wash, rinse, repeat … Forever. I want to rip my ear off.

It sounds like some demonic Steam Punk clockwork machine.

Why can’t HAs just remove the junk sounds?


  1. that is a question I’ve often wondered. I was told when I got mine that it would lessen the background noise and focus on what you are listening to….ummm, I never saw that.

    they say that about my new CI processors too, I’ll find out. But yes, I’m thinking, probably not.

    I love your description. at least you can turn it off and just turn back on when you need to hear?

    I hope your visit as support helped, and the patient is on the mend.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Yeah, the support helped. The patient is (finally) on the mend.

      Hearing aids are only marginally of assistance in noisy enviroments – and probably CIs as well.

      In fact, in PT if my therapist is speaking and the guys with the big voices are talking I either have to ask them to tone it down or hand her paper and pen. She doesn’t sign.


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