When is enough enough?

This isn’t about deafness, but it could be since deafness is isolating.  Instead, this is about what amounts to medieval torture.  Throw him in a goal or oubliette and ignore until dead.  

You know, there are many very dangerous people in this world and a lot of them are out walking the streets. There are people who have killed multiple times in prison and this is not happening to them.

What does it say about us that we can allow something like this to continue?  This isn’t about his innocence or his guilt – because his guilt has been determined.  It is about a total lack of humanity in those of us who know about this and let it continue.  Once abuse is uncovered, everyone who does not stand against it is culpable for its continuation.

I am appalled.  We would not treat a mad dog like this.  This is something Saddam Hussein would do.  What does that say about our criminal justice system?  

From The Colorado Independent

Appeals court to weigh how much is too much solitary confinement

Tommy Silverstein has spent 15,778,470 minutes and counting alone in tiny cement boxes at prisons like ADX in Colorado. Uncle Sam says those 30 years in isolation haven’t harmed him.

Silverstein described the terror of being in the Atlanta cell while a construction crew added more bars and security

From The Colorado Independent Story on this Case

measures around him.

“In order not to be burned by sparks and embers while they welded more iron bars across the cell, I had to lie on my bed and cover myself with a sheet. It is hard to describe the horror I experienced during this construction process. As they built new walls around me it felt like I was being buried alive.”


The Bureau’s claim that 30 years in isolation haven’t harmed Silverstein. Experts who have evaluated him have found extensive evidence of depression, cognitive impairment, memory loss, hallucinations, severe anxiety disorder, panic attacks that make his him breathless and shaky in the company of others, and paranoia that leads him to hear voices whispering to him through vents.

I do not condone this man’s actions, his neo-nazi leanings or any other behavior he has engaged in.  However, we cannot do this to another sentient individual.  We simply cannot do this and remain human ourselves.  

Please read the article.  This isn’t punishment.  This is torture.  Pure and simple.  People think that a sentence of death is a deterrent. It is an escape to someone like this man. 

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