4th of July Fireworks and Your Hearing

The 4th of July is almost upon us.  Most states now strictly regulate fireworks, but it seems there is always some wiseacre who gets a bunch of firecrackers and sets them off all night.  These loud noises can scare canaries to death (literally) and send dogs and cats fleeing from their homes so they get run over by cars or lost for days (or forever).

I hope pet owners try to keep their animals inside or on a leash when outside and keep outdoor animals inside where they are protected from loud sounds.  Our little McKinley will be wearing a ThunderShirt to keep her calm (and yes, it really does work!). I know someone whose Sugar Glider died from fright over loud explosions last year, so even being inside might not do it for the little and easily frightened animals.

For those of us who can and do suffer from hearing loss I do hope that if you are in possession (legally or not) of loud fire works that you take care to wear hearing protection and that your family and friends who are there are also using hearing protection.  Unlike some animals (birds) we cannot regenerate the 30,000 hairs in our inner ears if/when they are damaged. When your hearing is gone it is gone forever.  The best you can hope for his hearing aids or CIs or the like and it is never the same as the real thing.

So, have a safe and sane 4th of July.  Remember that fireworks are lovely and fun and can also start fires.  Remember the 19 “hot shot” firefighters who recently died fighting a naturally caused wildfire. Be careful not to add to that toll, no mater where you live.

Happy Independence Day!  Let Freedom Ring! 

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