Another Reason I Love My iPhone

In addition to texting (which I have come to appreciate on a depth level), being able to handle almost all my photo from taking to having near PhotoShop abilities in apps, and a variety of other uses, my iPhone just notified me of flash flooding in the area via a very loud and obnoxious blaring warning noise while coordinating that auditory notice with a the very bright flash which strobed with the “blat! blat! blat!” noise. (“Danger, Will Robinson!“)

When I flipped the iPhone over the text was very easy to read and the iPhone kept making noise and flashing until I acknowledged the message was received.  Since I wasn’t sure where the message came from I did check google and it had the same alert from NOAA for the area around my daughter’s home (where I am).  So that’s kinda neat.

Big brotherish?  You know who you are – I can hear the grumbles from here, even without my hearing aid.  I use the location feature so that if I leave it somewhere I can find it, have it make noise and flash, lock it, or even disable it.  This really helps when it slides under a car seat – especially at night when the flash is highly visible.

Apparently, NOAA or some other governmental or quasi-governmental function can now send critical warnings to my cell as well as radio and TV stations.  Works for me.


    1. So far I’ve not seen a bit of flooding, but I’m home with the grandkids, not on the road. And I LOVE the new safety feature. Apparently, it is from iPhone as a friend of mine in another state received a Dust Storm warning yesterday. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

    1. Yeah, that’s how I feel too. If Big brother wants to watch me take the dog out, clean up the poop (oooo, baby!), pick up the grandkids, go to the library, and so on and so forth, then … um … that would be a waste of time and money.

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