Reality Happens

And so, reality happened.  The wedding went on and, as I anticipated, I couldn’t hear much. But, I charged up my iPhone and videotaped a good deal of it from my vantage point – as well as taking a few stills.  (Not my still below)

My new son-in-law’s grandparents introduced themselves and I smiled and nodded  and then, when they wanted to talk, I explained I could not hear them and they were content with that (I think).  Mostly I sat and watched and enjoyed the butterflies at The Butterfly House where they were married.  And sweated…it was extremely warm out today.  Good thing the wedding was a morning one or we’d have all been piles of mushy goo.

Later, I was taken aback by a “mothers and spouses” photo later at a local gazebo where some post-ceremony poses were taken.  I did not dress up as I was not a part of the wedding party and then there was the issue of the arm sling.  I slipped the sling off, regretted I could not put on makeup, and then did the grin and bear it thing. The groom’s mother was also a bit startled, I think, so we were equally unprepared.  By that time the piles of mushy goo were actually members of the wedding party.  It was well on on the way to 91 degrees by 11 a.m.

Tomorrow life gets back to what passes for the new normal here at my daughter’s home.  With my daughter and her hubby gone my oldest granddaughter and I are working on the logistics of getting her back and forth to work.  Fortunately, the two younger grandkids finally get to spend more than an overnight hurry-hurry, rush-rush visit with their father.

By the way, the arm still hurts… I guess that will remain the same for a long, long time to come.


  1. Yeah, I’d have wanted to be warned about the photo thing. But congrats to your daughter!

    BTW, was wondering how you were doing. I’m sad to hear you’re in pain.

    1. Hi Rumpy,

      Yeah, I was really surprised about the photo thing. It was the photographer who wanted it. I wonder what she’d have done if I was wearing a wrap and sling as I did 2 weeks ago. Not that I could put on makeup anyway I’m lucky to be dressing myself these days.

      How am I doing? Well, there are days I feel like a house fell on me. There are days when I sleep almost around the clock. There are days I try to convince myself I can actually do things again – I think those are the days right before the sleep marathons.

      It is what it is. ODAT.

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