The Boston Marathon Bombing

This has nothing to do with being deaf and hard of hearing unless it is the fact that some people may have been permanently deafened by ruptured eardrums today.

No, this commentary today has far more to do with the issue of righteous self-justification for those who commit acts of terrorism.  This is a world-wide phenomenon.  Bombs go off every day somewhere in the world. We in America don’t often hear about them, or if they do we barely notice them.  Iraq, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan are not even on our radar screen.  It hasn’t been that long since Northern Ireland was a war zone.

I do not know who did this.  Only time will tell. Clearly, whomever did this intended to maximize harm both through placement (low) to maximize lower-limb amputation and through the inclusion of shrapnel (ball bearings). It has the feel of home-grown terrorism because of the small, home-made packages intended to hurt bystanders.  It has the feel of an Eric Rudolph, Centennial Olympic Park type of terror.  We’ll see.  No one has claimed and named it so far.

At some point, we – as humans – have got to start telling all of our brethren that nothing absolutely nothing – justifies this sort of attack on an innocent populace.  There are two dead – one of them a child.  There are reportedly 20 individuals in danger of death.  Ten amputations.  Really, when will we ever learn?


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