Ototoxic drugs and you

I know I’ve covered ototoxic drugs before, but now and again I look at all the stuff I take and sort of shiver.  The older I get the more medications I pile up.  Some will be with me for life.

I know that ibuprofen can be ototoxic (all the NSAIDS) can be, but sometimes it is all there is for inflammation.  Tylenol just doesn’t cut it at times.  I worry about making things worse.  Aspirin can make my ears ring more and it already sounds like I’m raising armies of crickets in there.

Fortunately, I don’t drink alcohol (another ototoxic thing to worry about).

Major headings of things to watch are:

  • Diuretics
  • Vapors
  • Solvents
  • Chemotherapy
  • Antibiotics
  • Quinine
  • Anti-neoplastics
  • Anesthetics
  • Anti-malarials
  • Mucosal Protectants
  • Psychopharmacological agents
  • Glucocorticosteroids
  • Cardiac Medications
  • Narcotic Analgesics
  • Aspirin
  • Miscellaneous toxic substances includng
    • alcohol
    • arsenum
    • caffeine
    • lead
    • marijuana
    • mercury
    • auronofin

I found out that some of the drugs we take to quash (steroids) tinnitus can cause hearing loss.  Aieee!

Every time I review these lists they seem to grow a little more and I find myself wondering if I’d rather be in pain or be sick or lose more of my hearing.  Faster.

Must. Study. ASL. Now.

Did I mention I almost mainline coffee?  I’m a fast caffeine metabolizer.  Maybe it will be okay.



  1. There are so many of those things that they give you to help. Like Diuretics for Meniere’s….and I’m also on it for high cerebrospinal fluid (if I’m late taking it my tinnitus squeals, it’s bad!). What are “vapors”? Like Vicks? I use that all the time, it’s the only way I can sleep without coughing all night. (allergies and asthma, not a friendly duo) but I thought it was the safest thing I could take….well not “take”, breathe in.
    I guess it doesn’t matter so much for me since my hearing is shot. Talking about CI number 2 this year, the hearing aid isn’t doing much…some days nothing at all.

    Must learn ASL. Am trying! Have been practicing the little I know. At least my husband and I can communicate pretty well when I’m not hooked up to my technology.

    I learn so much from your blog. Thank you.

  2. Hello Wendy! So good to hear from you again! Your comment prompted me to pop over to your blog for a bit. So sorry the Meniere’s is still dragging you down.

    I believe the vapors are more along the line of brake fluid type vapors. And some of the medications taken for tinnitius cause hearing loss. It seems we just can’t win for losing!

    If you use two CIs and are oral you probably won’t need ASL. Besides which, until your Meniere’s calms down some and you can get out and around you don’t really need to worry about it unless you want to occupy your mind.

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are doing better soon.

    1. Thank you. I do try to drop by as much as I can lately. The migraines have been killer!
      When I have bad migraines it’s easier for me to unplug the technology because sounds are so hard, and I stay in a very dim room…so my husband and I communicate more with sign language. Unfortunately, we have made some up. : ) but it gets the job done.

      We are trying to learn a little bit more here and there, when my brain will work. It’s very nice to have him be able to communicate without words. And I’m hoping after the Botox for the head, and the next CI I can communicate more…but I don’t know if I will feel comfortable with hearing folks. My first CI is tinny, I have a hard time understanding sometimes, it’s a bit distorted. We’re hoping if I have 2…and they can talk to one another…it will be better. But right now, I can’t hear behind me, I can’t hear in groups of more than 2. I’m very isolated. And truthfully, I prefer to be isolated that to be treated the way I have been. I used to have to have someone around me…now I just want to be alone, and with my hubby. I hope i can become someone social again sometime, but it’s ok if i can’t.

      BTW, right now I only have 1 CI…the next should be coming before the end of the year. My hearing fluctuates so much in my right ear, but it’s always down, and sometimes wayyyy toooo distorted. so the hearing aid comes out.

      Thank you for touching base with me too.

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