The joy and the sorrow of fewer tomorrows

Today I had the great honor of meeting a fellow I’ll call “Todd” and his Seeing Eye Dog,

Attribution; Janordberg/Photobucket- My idea of a “Seeing Eye Dog” 🙂 

“Jeffrey.” Todd and I had a nice conversation about many things including cabbages and kings. He flattered me with an observation I look very young – which was received with the intent given when a totally blind man makes that observation. So with a grin I offered to pay him for his compliments. We when found out we’re of an age so that settled that.

Jeffrey, bless his little doggie heart, is getting up in years and is now on special feed to care for a rather critical internal organ. Talk turns to retirement and loss. Some dogs who have served seem to know it is time to move on to a new home and rather than enter retirement years where they will have time to romp and play, they simply expire overnight. Very traumatic for the bonded blind person who’s world is wrapped up in his dog.

I’ve offered to take Todd and Jeffrey on a nice walk around Horn Pond when the weather gets a bit warmer. It should be fun.

About the end of the ride I commented that somewhere in that car a hearing aid was whining – and since there were five in use among three people it was anyone’s guess. Ahh, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Humor…

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