A series on hearing loss on Bloomberg

More Noise, More Hearing Loss, More Isolation 
By Katherine Bouton Feb 14, 2013 6:42 PM ET

The lead from the first article is:  “I lost my hearing one early spring day shortly after my 30th birthday. I heard the phone ring, but when I put it to my ear no one was there. “Hello?” I said. “Hello???” I tried the other ear, the right. It worked just fine.”

What I Didn’t Hear at the New York Times
By Katherine Bouton Feb 17, 2013 6:30 PM ET

The lead from the second article is: “After I lost my hearing in one ear, I did well enough with the hearing in my other one. But as that ear started to go, in my late 40s, I floundered.

Hearing loss dominated my waking life. Every time someone said something to me that I couldn’t follow, every time I flinched at a loud noise, every time I couldn’t hear at the movies or the theater, every time I answered the phone and not only couldn’t tell who was calling but even whether the caller was male or female, I despaired.”

Cochlear Implants Are Miraculous and Maddening
By Katherine Bouton Feb 18, 2013 6:30 PM ET

The lead from the final article in this series is:  “You’ll never be deaf,” my longtime ear doctor, Ronald Hoffman, said to me years ago. At the time, I thought he meant I’d never lose all my hearing.

What I know now is that technology would take over when my ears no longer worked. Through a cochlear implant, I would continue to hear long after my ears ceased to function.”

Note, Ms. Bouton’s book, Why Shouting Won’t Help is on the market now.  Follow this link to her site and her blog.

I recommend a good read of all the articles.  As for me, I doubt I’ll ever take the CI option since I’ve relaxed into American Sign Language (I’ve still got a long way to go, though) and am not in the least ashamed or embarrassed about my declining hearing – nor, I am happy to report, is Ms. Bouton these days.

This is a good person to follow since she has access to publishers and can bring her story into the consciousness of America in a way most of us will never be able to do.

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