A breaking point

I now have a glimmer of why there is road rage.  I also got a better feeling for why an ASL interpreter of mine took on an abusive woman over me.

Today I was looking for a parking spot in a very busy parking lot so I could take a deaf-blind consumer food shopping. I wasn’t paying attention to other cars in particular except to note they were there – when suddenly a woman in a car facing mine rolled down her window, stuck her head out, and started screaming at me. I was totally baffled as her face screwed up with rage and she started giving me the Massachusetts “good morning and how are you today” sign – the middle finger of doom. For good measure she swerved around a car while hitting the gas and rocketing down the row like a fighter pilot. The last I “heard” was something about my taking her parking space.

I had no freaking idea what she was talking about – nor what parking space was coming open – and it took me another few minutes to find an open parking spot several rows away. I just patiently watched for an open space – works every time.

During those few minutes I came to a minor boiling point of my own. What if she’d hit my car? What about my passenger? What kind of society do we have where someone goes violently bonkers over a parking spot? Welcome to Massachusetts. This is behavior I’ve come to expect since moving here in 1996.

In the store I ran across this woman several times. What I wanted to do was walk up and confront her.I wanted to ask her if she knew there are people as angry and blaming as she is who are armed. What would she have done if someone had rolled down a window and shot her? Or gotten out of the car and attacked her? Instead, I gave her the patented look developed by mothers who have had enough from their kids. I call it “The Look.” Every time she saw me she jerked her head away and scuttled off like vermin avoiding the light. How stupid are people to think that after acting like idiots they won’t see the person in the store?

Most of the time I ignore people like her as a waste of human skin. Instead, I seethed for a time. Seething does no good, though, so this is a case of waiting for karma to kick in. In that light, enjoy a little of Jaron and the Long Road – Pray for You – at least it gives a bit of comic relief. 🙂


  1. I loved this! I remember having to drive on Rt. 3 from New Hampshire to Mass to get to work each day. Oh the hair-raising stories that I could tell! I applaud you for just giving her “the look!”

  2. I was just telling my wife, tonight – I don’t mind idiots who do stupid stuff in traffic. What I object to is when those same idiots defend what they did as though it was right.

    P.S. You’re a patient and understanding individual. I would have blasted her.

    1. No, you would not have if you realized your obligation was to the person you were with. It is called rising above the fray. Which does not mean if I saw her elsewhere I would not ram her out like roto rooter. She endangered us all.

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