And then there are other losses

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2013 seems to be a bang-up year for losing things.  Like my mind.

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I didn’t wear my hearing aid for a few days because my ear canal was raw (I’m allergic to the hearing aid plastics – all of them) and now I’ve lost it. My hearing aid. I lost the hearing aid.  Not my mind.  Well, maybe my mind as well.   I’m beside myself (see, I’m right over there, too) and searching the car, coat pockets, under the bed.  A replacement is almost $800 with insurance.  I can’t afford it.

I realized yesterday that my log-in to Federal District Court is on a piece of paper packed in a box that lives in the storeroom in the basement.  It was an accident that it was lost.  I “should” have put it in my phone notes.  I tried to reset things online and the computer kept rejecting me.  I remembered QTIP (quit taking things personally). Finally, after a few hours, I called and the help-desk clerk kindly double checked my BBO number.  They had the wrong bar card number.  Oops.  Which is why I kept getting an error message.  But they must have had it right at some time.  Right  So now I’m waiting for an email to get started again.  Hey maybe I get to file today.  So one more loss – the loss of the real number due to a data entry error.

I have a massive earache, can’t get in to see my doctor, can’t get my insurance accepted by the walk-in clinic that opened up  – so my loss is the hospital’s gain as I’ll go there for urgent care – else my ear drum will rupture again.  I’m actually fortunate I can feel this at all since I’ve lost most of the sensation on that side due to the head injury that created the hearing loss.

Oh, dear, I seem to have lost the time to be able to get all these things accomplished.  Please, email, come soon so I can file the motion. Waiting for the email. Really.  Waiting.  Losing time as I wait. Me? Impatient? No. Never. Not me. (cough, cough) Really, I am the embodiment of patience. WHERE THE H*LL IS THE EMAIL? Not that I’m gritting my teeth or anything. Perhaps I should call again?  Annoy the h*ll out of the help desk? Aieee! Now I have a motion AND and entry of appearance to file. Send me the freaking email, already!  And for your listening pleasure, the Jeopardy Theme.  


  1. A lot of people might say, “Oh, well. You lost your hearing aid. Could be worse.” But I know what that means. I do so hope you find it, real soon. And above all, I hope you don’t have to shell out 800 bucks (not to mention all the hassles of getting the new one fitted and adjusted). Worst case would be that you do shell out the 800, and on that very day, you find your old one! 🙂 . I’ll keep a good thought.

    1. Hi Rachael, after doggedly waiting for it to turn up (I just DON’T lose hearing aids) my roommate gave it back to me. Seems she was doing her wild-woman cleaning routine, found it and put it in a box of things belonging to her (where I’d never have looked). One crisis averted. No, I don’t have medicaid – I don’t qualify. And if I did, it generally does not cover hearing aids for adults. Certainly not in the amount mine cost. Thanks for your concern,

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