Loss and hearing loss

Recently I posted regarding a personal loss.  There are other types of life losses. When I was in DBCAN training to provide support services to the Deaf-Blind we discussed the loss of function and its impact on the lives of individuals.

Unless someone is born deaf, blind, or deaf-blind they are going to experience a loss.  I don’t remember

I love to sign (ASL)

Love 2 Sign

being fully hearing, so I have no particular loss cycle to go through regarding that, although sometimes I realize what I do not have and can find that very painful.

For my “hearie” friends, something to remember is that when folks around you lose hearing/vision/both that the first step in the grieving cycle is Denial – and it ain’t a river in Egypt.  It is why many folks with hearing loss attempt to hide it.  And the sad part is that by hiding it they may experience loss of brain function in that area of the brain and will experience actual brain matter density loss.  It makes HoH or deafies who don’t use ASL or other communications that stimulate that area of the Brochal region at greater risk for dementia – at least according to the studies I have read.

Although I can’t remember what it is like to be fully hearing and though I don’t really want to be that way (I cannot imagine the noise!) I also know that I’ve lost a lot of ability to hear over the years.  I too have gone through grieving/loss about my eroding hearing.  I remember once when my decedent former husband told me what falling snow sounded like  I found myself on the verge of tears.  Falling snow has a sound? He said it was a very soft hissing noise.

If I’d been deaf since birth I might not care or wonder.  Since I had some hearing – less now than ever – I do understand what a “hiss” is.  And I know that once gone, I never get it back.  I’m told I’m not a CI candidate – and in reality, CI does not make one a “hearie” – one is still HoH.

Loss comes in so many ways.  As we age we lose our youth, our parents,  our friends, and loved ones.  We lose pets, jobs, and time to make amends.  Some of us lose our speech, others vision, some lose both.  If you have a friend or loved one experiencing a sensory loss, you may wish to be supportive of them, encourage what help they can get.


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