It is actually not long until March.  If I am to present a 20 minute discussion on Substance abuse, the Deaf and it’s impact on arrests and prison time I must get to it.  The research so far is older and sort of disheartening. If you have information for me, belly up to the bar, boys and girls.


  1. I’m working on developing a contributor to my site, who served 8 years in Pelican Bay for drug charges. He isn’t deaf, but he has some wonderful insights on both prison and the war on drugs. Hopefully, we’ll be able to be of some help to you.

    1. Thanks – look forward to meeting/talking with him. I’m also doing research through reaching out through the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Attorneys association and through them to other individuals.

  2. Not sure what this site is… My son is DeafBlind… His father a major alcoholic that we had to separate ourselves from finally… 2 liters of vodka plus prescriptions and other drugs is not good environment for family… and not a DeafBlind child either. They can still feel the tension.

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