Starting to retitle

When I began Another Boomer Blog it seemed a whimsical name for yet one more Boomer commenting on life, the universe and whatnot. But over time I’ve found myself focusing on Hearing Loss, Deafness, Hearing Augmentation and all that goes with it. Oh, there are times other information wanders onto the page, but largely it is about hearing issues from the perspective of a Boomer. Who knew it would morph like this?

There is now an iPhoneography blog rather than scattering photos in this blog – and it has taken off a life of its own. I’ve pondered changing the name of this blog, but that would probably end up being a cluster-you-know-what regarding anyone finding it again. Instead I changed the tagline. Next time I need a crystal ball to see into the future – darn, but I do not have one. Maybe BitcoDavid of DeafInPrison will have some ideas.

I recently discovered I am presenting at a symposium on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Criminal Justice system in March of 2013. There is a certain part of me that would have liked to know prior to my name going out statewide (laughing) but I’ve got plenty of time. I hope to work more closely with and other sites seeking justice in the criminal system – and this despite the fact I’ve nary a criminal client in my portfolio with the exception of an old 209A defense. Apparently I am meant to move in this direction – how to get clients though? Not sure.

I’m intrigued that Apple is coming out with an iPad for the DeafBlind and I’m trying to find out what that is about and how it works. Yea, Apple! Someone suggested it is a film on the screen. Anyone know how to do braille on an iPad? Not me.

I’m falling behind on ASL practice, although my receptive skills remain good. Just a reminder here, folks, it is a language and we can learn it! Who needs brain exercises when you’ve got it all with ASL?

I’m happy that I can contribute my exercise proficiency to DBCAN (assuming a consumer wants to exercise). If s/he does my readers will never know since it will be entirely confidential. And I’ve added a week’s worth of black tops to my wardrobe so I will be appropriately garbed. I now feel a bit like “Goth girl.”

Stay tuned to the world of a Hard of Hearing Boomer who passes as hearing and really gets through life better than one would expect. Small blessings.


    1. Thanks. Appreciate it. Love yours too. Question – are you still lipreading or are you now hearing Mom? πŸ™‚

      BTW, your blog is featured on a Deaf shirt. Did you know? If not, I’ll send you the link.

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