Goth fantasies…

Thanks to I Am Eternal Darkness for the photo Goth Cool

I’ve always been into the color black. Or the non-color black, since black is really the absence of all colors. Closely related to that is my appreciation of soot gray, deep graphite gray, etc. Next on my list of colors is deep purple. In fact, I like it so much that my one piece of ink (a bracelet on my right wrist) is Celtic knot-work of black, deep blue-purple and a slightly lighter purple created with a bit of white ink. If it were up to me I’d probably dress like Johnny Cash, but I’ve given over to a few splashes of color to be less…um…somber.

Since starting training with DBCAN (DeafBlind Community Access Network) as an SSP  (Supportive Services Provider) I have had full access to a Goth persona.  No black fingernails or soot outlined eyes or anything like that. It is just that a white person dressed in black/dark purple/dark gray, etc. is more easily seen by someone with low vision as our light-colored hands make signs. I suppose my dark purple fingernails may have to go. We’ll see. I really like them and it would be a shame to waist all those bottles of OPI.

Besides being able to express Goth fantasies in my attire, becoming an SSP means I am able to be matched with a DeafBlind person or persons for up to 16 hours of support service a month.  I am already a skilled sighted guide so the training has honed my skills just a tad, given me a refresher course on relating to the customer as an adult and being aware of the confidentiality.  It also encourages me to work on my tactile sign and ASL.  I’m really looking forward to this.

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