Sleeping with a hearing aid

I’ve never slept with my hearing aid in before. I’ve heard of folks who do and wondered why. I have been told it is to hear things like fire alarms. Last night I was visiting and tried sleeping with it in.  I wanted to see if there was some particular benefit.

I was awakened by people going up and down the stairs and going into and out of the kitchen (that had partly to do with lights) and got an appreciation that my teenaged granddaughter gets up entirely too early for school. 5 a.m.? Teenagers need more sleep than that!

Having it in meant that I was certainly not going to turn over due to discomfort.  Fortunately, mine are not so large as this one. —->

Since I can’t hear a squeal from it anymore that’s not an issue (I’m told at a certain loss we lose the ability to hear the feedback). For instance, when I get “air kisses” on my right side I am told others hear a hearing aid feedback squeal I’m blissfully unaware of.

It is not anything I have plans for in the future, but I thought it would be a good experience. At least I know it is doable if I need to – although I’m not sure why.  At home I have a vibrating alarm.

If anyone routinely sleeps with one in I’d love to know what the benefits are.

Attribution:  Photo by “Moonbeam” titled “Nutty’s New Hearing Aid”


  1. I’ve slept with mine a few times, when I needed to hear if my phone alarm was going off (meaning I got a text saying to come get someone)… or when my SO was out of town, and I wanted to be certain that I would wake up for work. I have my Vibrating alarm clock, but I had my aids in, and also turned on the 113 db sound, which is barely audible with my aids… but normally, I like my quiet to sleep in, never slept with the CI…

    1. I have the iPhone set to scream like a banshee (LOL) when a text comes in. In fact, people complain that my phone makes WAAAY too much noise (tough luck). I don’t use sound since it blows my roomie out the front wall of the house. (laughing)

  2. This reminds me of my time before husband and kids…I was with this guy who invited me to a cottage at some friends of his, and I felt kind of weird and uncomfortable there. I slept with the aids in, two of them, and was most uncomfortable….feedback, hearing things I wasn’t used to hearing….No way I’m doing that now. But I did it as a security issue – I wanted to hear if I needed to hear something, so I would be ‘part’ of it, whatever that meant. It wasn’t rational thinking, just…weird.

    Also, I was REALLY nervous as a first-time mom back when Ben was born. My husband was an airline pilot then and often away one or two nights in a row, and that made me kind of nervous. Will I hear the child cry? Will he starve to death because I can’t hear him? Should I keep the aids in while I sleep? Should I sleep with him? I learned to sleep facing the wall because my good ear could hear him somewhat, and became kind of twisted and stiff because I forced myself to stay in that position all night.

    Didn’t take long to realize that his screams activated all kinds of bodily fluids to, um…leak out of me. Hearing was, it seemed, optional then. If that kid wanted me he was going to get me, hearing or no hearing…. 🙂

    I have no intentions of wearing my hearing aid for sleeping now.

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