Silly Saturday

Having made my way through Freaky Friday with only a few bumps and bruises I decided to master what was clearly going to be a Silly Saturday.

Woke up in the wee hours and realized there was a huge electrical storm (my windows were lighting up). Went to the top of the stairs and saw the dog quivering at the bottom. Took him upstairs where he proceeded to hide in the closet. I got him and covered him with a couple layers of blankets on the bed to keep him from tearing up stuff in the closet. This morning I woke up to my vibrating alarm with dog pressed against the small of my back.

Got to the train station and picked up a fellow lawyer, dashed to the office, met with a client, built a website for the lawyer (yes, I do that too) and all the time kept reminding. “I can’t hear you on that side.” Despite it all the site was launched, linner/dunch was eaten and I drove her back to Greater Boston.

I took an iphone photo of my old hearing aid and was going to send it to for her hearing aid feature and I realized (1) this thing is HUGE compared to the Naida, (2) it actually fits better that the Naida (I feel a fitting session coming on) and (3) I can wear bling on this, but not the Naida because there is no hardware in the earbud. In either case the earbud is invisible to the naked camera eye. The reason it is so large is that it has an fm plug on the end of it – on the Naida it resides on the iCom which enables me to use it bluetooth. I’m sure there is more to it than that, but I’m not a tech.

I finally remembered how to operate this hearing aid (which can be adjusted without using a remote control) and am actually pretty happy with it at this point. 🙂 The adaption back to not really hearing all of the sounds in the “hearing banana” took place quicker than I imagined it would – once I figured out how to turn it down. LOL


  1. This is interesting to me – bling on the ear with the hearing aid in it. Makes me percolate a blog post….I have never enjoyed wearing hearing aids and earrings at the same time. It felt like there was extra heaviness. But my hearing aid is much smaller today than it was before, and I like your bling…:)

    Maybe I’ll go raid my jewelery box now.

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