Deaf buttons

No, not on coats or clothing.  I looked up Deaf buttons and came up with Cafe Press and Zazzle.  I went with Zazzle and ordered 4 different ones.  I have Talk With Your Hands (ASL) and I (heart) ASL on my purse.  I will offer the other two to people at the ASL signing meetup tonight.

I would have ordered another one but it used the term Hearing Impaired and the Deaf Community does NOT like that term. (Maybe I should write Zazzle?)  I can see why Hearing Impaired implies the person (me or anyone else) is impaired.  Oddly enough, years ago I was told not to use “partially deaf” or deaf, but to use hearing impaired.   Now Hard of Hearing (HoH) is PC.  I have a hard time keeping up with PC terms.


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