Deaf Awareness Week

Deaf Awareness Week is in its 4th day and I’ve really not had much to say.  I guess I’m sitting back and thinking.

This week a lawyer friend of mine from a southern state which shall not be named  was confronted by a chewing tobacco spitin’ good ole boy cop who refused to spit his ‘baccy out so she could read his lips;  and also refused her an interpreter. Mind you, she is a deaf lawyer – so what happens to her happens to all of us – in spades.

Now, I admit that I suggested (my Dad) Judge Cox’s cure for ignorance – involving a 2×4 upside the head – kinda gentle like – just enough to see stars, but I’d guess that’s no longer allowed to push information into an ignorant cop’s skull.  Times do change.  ‘Course its better than having to swallow that wad on judge’s orders.

So I suggested the ACLU. Why, when it is just local?  Because it is local everywhere. I bet you can’t find a small town in America where some cop isn’t handing out a line of crap to some deaf person and having fun with it.  Why not make a federal case out of it.  Isn’t that what it took to desegregate schools – local school, mind you?

‘Course, this does mean that Deputy Jim Bob or Judge Bobby Jim are going to have to pull up their big boy pants and start acting like sentient human beings.  It is something that’s been overdue for a long time.

Did I ever mention getting a Glass warrant and catching a Canyon County Idaho Judge in a violation of the Federal Civil Rights Act?  And wasn’t that fun?  Why, he lost his job. (Evil, wicked smile)

Oh, and here’s a photo  of a guy named Rick Bender talking about what chew did to him – seems he has lost the bottom of his face.  Just one more reason now to chew snuff. You can find this photo at

Warrior Woman? Me? Humph. Just because I sign and use hearing aids and don’t tolerate fools gladly merely makes me like my old man.  They used to call him The Hanging Judge. Has a nice ring to it.


    1. Cause I’m talking like the country girl I am, using photos and posting links? 😉 And my Dad would probably have made that cop swallow that chaw. You ain’t never seen someone sick as a dog until you’ve seen some knucklehead swallow his chew. Plus it is disgusting and turns mouths into a big pile of cancer.

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