Deaf and hard of hearing defendants

Today I went to my law school to do research on an unrelated matter.  While there, I started talking with a few of the professors who are involved in criminal law with juveniles and adults and told them that I am willing to consider working pro bono with deaf or hard of hearing clients if they hear of any.  I’m particularly concerned regarding Deaf or HoH teens (juveniles) or parents of kids in the system who are Deaf and HoH.  I’m not superwoman. I still have to eat.  But I think it is time for me to begin following my true passion regarding attempting to make sure the needs of the Deaf and HoH are met.   Sometimes all I am is a stop along the way – sometimes I find the perfect person to hand a case over to – and sometimes I’m the one on point.

The biggest problem is getting funding for interpreters.  A professor suggested I create a non-profit foundation.  Um, that’s one thing I’m not sure how to do.  I need to find someone to help with that, I suppose.


  1. HI Marsha,

    Let’s talk. That is what I’m working towards. A fund set aside by the Board of Overseers (Access to Justice and/or Mass Bar association. The more we get the word out to the legal community about this idea, the better it will be. I am hoping to get other attorney’s to speak up about this need to the Mass Bar Association and the BBO.


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