We all have things we can’t abide

Duke the dog can’t abide the seashore and he can’t abide storms. It may be that the rushing sounds are similar.  I’m not really sure.   His reaction to the beach is something along the lines of “Aieeee!  It’s JAWS!  Nooooooooo!  Don’t make me go there, please!”

His reaction to storms is… um… well, that’s a hard one because he’s a lump in the bed.  Under the blankets.  Suffice it to say that his reaction to waves on the beach is similar to his reaction to the sounds of the wind rushing through the trees.

Tonight, as we were outside, me tapping my toe and urging him to make an offering to the gods of animal wastes, I was standing next to a line of trees and heard them literally groan in the wind.  The joys of hearing augmentation.

Duke acted like he usually does, so I’m guessing he hears this moaning and groaning and is used to it.  I, on the other hand, just about jumped out of my skin and started making plans for how fast I could get us both out of the way – under the porch or into the house – before we were crushed or impaled by the local Ent population.

Suffice it to say the wind is still blowing, the trees are still standing, and there is a lump in my bed.   The lump is no longer quivering, so Duke the dog is secure and safe from the storm of life, despite the fact the sounds coming in my open window startle him from time to time.

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