I am in the (long) process of seeking a hearing ear dog (line forms on the left for donations as it will cost $20,000 and take two years). These are all good reasons – mine will be a bit different as I do not travel overnight that much. But it is a very good post to share.

Deafened But Not Silent.

As many of you are aware, my sweet dear Hearing Ear Dog Amie passed away on June 13 of this year.  Initially, I did not even want to think about getting another dog.  As a family, we all needed time to grieve the loss of such a special friend.

Are we over the loss of Amie yet?  Absolutely not.  But I think I can now start to think about  getting another Hearing Ear Dog.  This is of course not about replacing Amie.  That is impossible.  But our hearts are certainly big enough to make room for a new dog to become part of our family.

One interesting thing that has happened to me over the few months is other people have also enquired as to whether I will get another hearing ear dog.  Interestingly, the question is not always posed the same.  In fact, they can be classified into three…

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      1. international hearing dogs, they are not regional. They place dogs through the US and Canada, basically free of charge for qualified recipients, (meaning an unaided audiogram of 65 db or more bilaterally). One of the things they require is no other dog in the home unless it is a retired working dog. The reason for this is because of bonding issues. but it is something to think about.

  1. Well, that would leave me out. My roommate has a dog. I rent a room from her – I do not have my own apartment or home. I’m not sure I have a low enough DB on my good side, either. But since it takes 2 years to get a dog and since my hearing is sliding who knows where I will be in two years or where my hearing will be.

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