The mysteries of sound

Today I decided to visit one of the very old cemeteries in Andover.  Not only are they peaceful places, but there’s a lot of history to discover.  Today I found the graves of two men who responded to fight one of the great fires in Boston and who died in the effort.

Parking at the top of the parking lot by the old South Church I heard faint noises I attributed to cars driving by, thinking that since the weather was moderate that folks were driving with the windows open and the sound on.  Since I wasn’t wearing my hearing aid I figured the sound was that of the car-vibrating type in order for me to hear it at all.

Periodically, as I peregrinated through the tombstones and family crypts, I heard bits and pieces of sound.  At times it was as if there was a pow-wow.  Walking through the considerably sized cemetery sometimes the sound was like a back-yard BBQ, at other times I wondered if there was a political rally, a loud TV, or someone with a bullhorn.  Clearly, the sound came from outside the boundaries of the graveyard since there was no one but me roaming the acres of land, but no matter how far I walked I never saw the source.

At the end of my wandering  I never did figure out where the sound or sounds came from, if there was more than one source to the sound(s) or whether it was all elaboration of almost, but not quiet apprehended sounds.




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