Deaf on deaf

At the gym my trainer pointed out a Deaf man from the Deaf Community he’s known since high school and wanted to know if I’d ask him when he’s bringing his baby back to the gym.  So I said “Hi” and introduced myself.  He was quite happy to meet an ASL student.  We did all the “nice to meet you” stuff and now I’ve got a new friend there.  Tomorrow he’s bringing his baby girl in so the trainer can see her again.

Afterwards my trainer said, “I didn’t know if he used ESL” and I replied, “That’s English as a Second Language.  He uses ASL, American Sign Language.”  ESL, ASL, I suppose it sounds a lot alike.

I’m quite happy there is another signer at my gym.  Now, when I see him, I’ll have someone to talk with.  It’s all good. 🙂  I don’t wear my hearing aid in the gym since I use an iPod nano.  I lip read the trainer, mostly.


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