White noise

White noise…

It drives me crazy. Doctors have white noise generators outside patient rooms. Those little machines fill my hearing aid with static to the point it is useless for me to attempt to listen to those in the room.  On the other hand, if, in disgust, I take my hearing aid out, then I am forced to lip read. Now and then I want to bring my own sledge hammer to destroy the white noise machine.  I’m less concerned about someone else hearing me than being able to hear the doctor.

A client likened the noise of nearby traffic on rain slick streets as “white noise” making her feel our conversation (in totally vacant upper floor) was more secure.  The noise from the nearby highway gave me fits in terms of hearing her.

What is it about white noise (static) that people like?  Isn’t it like listening to a hissing TV when it has no show on? How many people gather around a TV watching “snow” and listening to “static?”  This is the same noise I get an earful of while getting my hearing tested so it overwhelms sound transfer,

Am I missing something?  I suppose if I were fully hearing this would make sense, but since I am not, it makes no sense at all to me.


    1. I also have tinnitus, which is low-level constant with bursts of intense sound. White noise machines are just one more intrusion into my limited ability to process sound. I understand the desire of others to have privacy, but I wonder how effective it actually is, anyway. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Shanna.

  1. Even as a hearing person, the sound of white noise drives me crazy. I “understand” the purpose of them in office/client settings but I never understood the purpose of them in helping children fall asleep, it is like unwelcome intrusion and sleep is the best way to avoid the sound any longer, or screaming in anguish.

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