Low Carb Pizza

One place in which my hearing isn’t a barrier is cooking.  I happen to be a low-carb affectionado and I follow a blog called Your Lighter Side.   Awhile ago I read about a chicken breast and cheese pizza crust.

I deviated a bit from the recipe by incorporating the herbs into the crust rather than sprinkling it on top.  For a time I thought that I put too much marinara sauce on top of it, but I think it just needed to cool a little more because later the crust was just fine, although a tiny bit salty for my taste.  It might well be because I brined the chicken breasts for a few hours in salt and Italian spices before BBQing them.
It is quite a tasty and filling dish.  If you’re into low carb, it is a nice opportunity for LC pizza.


    1. Warning – this is really only good the day it is made. After that it isn’t much good, IMO – so have friends over or something. 🙂 I also make pizza by putting the ingredients sans the crust into a skillet, fry up sausage, and whatnot, add some cheese, and then spoon it over cheese puffs made of American cheese. You have to eat them quickly, though!

      You can also use a taco holder, fry up cheese, put it in a taco shaping holder to make a crisp taco shell and then pour ingredients into it – either Italian or Mexican. Just leave the cheese out of the filling.

      I do find the chicken crust just too cheesy when combined with any cheese on the pizza. I’ve not tried the cauliflower crust yet.

      Thanks for the concept on the LC tortilla crust! 🙂

      I suspect one could use LC popovers, open the puffy top quickly and pour filling in. Hmmm, I might have to try that – certainly not gluten free, but very good.

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