Ototoxic Drugs

I could list them all, but rather than do that, here is a link to a pretty complete listing on a .pdf document.   In case the link does not work the URL is: http://www.chchearing.org/sites/default/files/Ototoxic_Brochure.pdf

It says that toxicity can be overcome by stopping the drug.  However, as Rush Limbaugh demonstrates (again, sorry to use a controversial figure, but he is the only one I can think of who is well known and lost his hearing due to ototoxic drug use) the cessation of the ototoxic medication doesn’t mean you get your hearing back without a Cochlear Implant.

There seem to be drugs in almost every category that can affect hearing – from aspirin to narcotics and from narcotics to meds used to control depression to ones used for anesthetic.  Probably good to discuss ototoxicity issues with the pharmacist because I’m not sure most doctors are up on this list.


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