Dead Squirrel

Dear little black squirrel.  You know who you are.  I know who you are.

Last year you dined in my tomatoes and pretty much ruined my pepper crop as well.  I sighed and prayed you’d get indigestion.  You survived the winter.  You tease the dog.  You’re very cute, little black squirrel.

But eating the top off my sunflower plant as well as eating the major bloom off the side is over the top.  I wonder, little squirrel, what will make my sunflower plant smell like teen spirit dead squirrel.

Aha! I have researched and found out you don’t like red pepper.  Guess what I have large spice jars full of?  Red pepper.  This is war… And I intend to win, little nature spirit with the sharp front teeth.  Take that!


  1. My grandmother always waged war against black squirrels too and would even trap them. She had a huge garden and they would always eat her plants and she was certainly not okay with that!

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