Joey Needs a Kidney

Well, this is something new for this blog.

The email letters below are from a real life friend of mine, Lauren. Her husband, Joey, is a doctor who has dedicated his life to serving the needy.

I’ve known Lauren about a year and she’s a great gal. Since I’ve met her I’ve been aware that her dear husband, the love of her life, will be in dire straits (as well all of his impoverished patients) if he is unable to get a kidney transplant. He has been floating down that river of Denial and thinking more folks than he need the help – because he is one of those caregiver types.

When I got this from Lauren in my email I pondered how best to get it out to a vast number of people who might get it out to a vast number of people. So here it is. Maybe there is a young, vital person out there who is willing to give the gift of life to someone who gives the gift of life to others in need – ya think?

July 15, 2012 (so this doesn’t go around the Internet forever) – From Lauren: Hello everyone…I’m writing tonight because my husband is in a medical crisis and is in need of a lifesaving kidney transplant. This is not a spam mail, this is not a joke…THIS IS FOR REAL!

If you or anyone you know might be able to help Joey find a kidney, please contact me as soon as possible.

This is where a private email/phone would be. I’d request you contact and I’ll pass information on to Lauren and Joey. In fact, if anyone wants to call, my work number is on the website. If anyone gets hammered with spam or bogus phone calls, let it be me. Back to Lauren’s letter now…

The potential donor has to have an O blood type, either O+ or O-. Feel free to forward this message to others…Joey needs a kidney by end of this year 2012.

Thanks, in advance, for your consideration, help and just getting the word out to as many people as possible. Lauren

Here is Joey’s plea:

Hi. My name is Joey….I know—a guy named Joey…but that is what my parents desired and I went with it. The only problem is I think my kidneys may be rebelling against my name—-why do I think this is you ask?—Well they are shutting down—closing shop and basically leaving me. Oh I guess I could believe all that medical jargon that I was affected by too much contrast dye—but why go there—The bottom line is…….I NEED A KIDNEY….

But who am I and why do I deserve such a magnanimous gift????
Well I help people. People who really need help—the underserved….I was a public Health Scholarship recipient for medical school and spent my payback in the inner city areas of Chicago. Spent 12 years there I loved it so much—my entire career has been taking care of those who really need it but had no access to good health care. And boy, Do I give good care—–as good as in Boston.

So I would like to keep on giving back…..but I need help…..

Not enough??? YOU want to know more??—well—OK—I also do bodybuilding and my wife does it as well—she has now reached the rank of #5 amateur heavyweight in the country—so you know I have to behave or else one good whack—-and she could send me across Boston Harbor…..Seriously—maybe just Cape Cod—Nah—she is too nice to hit me—But we love each other madly and I want to be around with her for many years to come. We met through a matchmaker—–so I figure if a wonderful wife of 9 years, then why not a kidney.

I try to stay happy. My other field was improvisational comedy. Yup..Studied at Second City (Not good enough for First) and I used to have a group called Rice Pudding. Jimmy Carrane was our director.We really congealed and sold the house out constantly. I love being before a live audience and making people laugh—guess that is why I am such a cut up in the operating room.

Now the business stuff—-I drink on occasion, have never smoked or even tried a non-prescribed drug. I eat healthy and exercise daily and have a trainer—-still can Bench Press 300 lbs and have biceps close to the 20”mark—–Also do cardio daily

I am not kidding you when I tell you how much fear I have about this—the operation—the drugs—the risk of infection, cancer, and other nasties.

But to be able to spend more time with Lauren (my wife) and Preston (my cat—sleeps with me with his tush in my armpit and his head on my hand every night. He is my buddy) and to care for the people I love to take care of would be very precious to me. I hope you can help.

So any of my blog followers who want to pass this on, please do so. I’d like to see Joey get his kidney and continued to take care of the poor folks who can’t afford to get high end medical care in this country. We need more people like Joey.


    1. Thanks so much for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. 🙂 Thanks so much for the compliment. And we’re casting about to get Joey a kidney. I’m the right blood type, but a bit too old.

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