Thank God for small favors

Today was soooo much better it was almost indescribable.  We went to the Homes for the Deaf in Danvers and had both a wonderful education/tour and the opportunity to meet a number of the residents with whom we could practice our signing. In addition to the residents who are deaf or deaf/blind most of the staff is hard of hearing or deaf. The receptionist and the director seem to be the only exceptions and they both are fluent in sign as well.

I’ve now got a yen to learn the deaf/blind sign and have the packet to apply as a volunteer there.  When I was a young social worker I was associated with 4 nursing homes and I’ve always loved that environment.  These homes are independent living, assisted living, nursing and skilled nursing.

Looking forward to tomorrow – hopefully we will not be back to playing card games.

As to the food – well, the elves are still at it…


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