Older than Dirt

Okay, now I am officially older than dirt.  Who the dickins gets arthritis of the big toe?

Me, that’s who!

One visit to the podiatrist, several x-rays and a cortisone shot later, I’m now a card-carrying member of the Arthritic Toe Club of America. Yeah, laugh if you like, but apparently you really can run your feet off.

A helpful friend tried to tell me I had gout if it was a toe, but I explained the doctor disagreed.  This isn’t a uremic acid sort of thing, it is that I’ve worn the cartilage right down to the nubbins and being inattentive and wearing Crocs on the treadmill for half an hour or so was more than my big toe could take. Note to self:  Never wear Crocs in the car on the way to the gym – wear your cross-trainers like a good exercise nut.

So after a few days of icing and waiting for the swelling to go down, I hope to go back to the gym and continue to gradually wear away the rest of the cartilage left in my big toe tomorrow. Do they have toe implants now?

Then I might not blog for a week or so.  No, not  because I wore the cartilage out in my fingers.  I swear the jumping to conclusions around here should get at least 5 pounds off…  🙂

I am going to a week long American Sign Language immersion program in Boston at Northeastern University.  Turn off voice, use hands, face, and body to communicate. It is going to be fabulous! My receptive sign is good, even excellent, but my expressive sign, let’s just say you could wait a long time for me to remember the sign for the word I want to communicate.

Undoubtedly I’ll be photo blogging  because I can’t seem to function at all without taking pictures, but maybe not writing as much.


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