How to cripple yourself in just two days

Usually, when grandma exercise nut/body builder here is at the gym I use my iPod Nano, a headset, and set of podcasts with techno-music with specific beat levels to keep me on track – not too fast, not too slow.  They range from 180 beats per minute to 130 beats per minute and I adjust my entire workout from cardio to weight lifting using them. But I let the Nano run out of juice so for the past two days I’ve been doing my own thing and at the same time moving up in the weight department – as in from 5 to 7.5 or from 7.5 to 10 … you get it.

Yesterday, not so bad, a little sore. I’m psyched that I’m working back into the heavier weights and doing well. I’m not where I used to be, but I’m getting there.  I feel lighter when I leave the gym, like I’m on a planet with a little less gravity than earth.  It means I’m getting stronger and that thrills me.

Today, well, let’s just say the options under consideration are: tylenol, advil,  holding up a pharmacy for oxycontin or spending the rest of the day in a hot shower. In reality, I’m going to hit the gym again before my 7 p.m. meeting tonight and I’m going to be doing cardio, lower body, and stretching only, while praying that in the next couple of days those micro-tears in my upper body muscles forgive me.  I do have that weight to lose, my tone to get back, and in general I do feel lots better (rather than half dead) if I work out strenuously 5 days a week.  My problem was that vacation of several months duration from the gym.

What I wonder is what I did to my feet that the sides hurt.  That’s what I want to avoid again.  I have the feeling it was the strap pedals on the bike.  Note so self – take pedal straps off next time. Or stick to the arc trainer or elliptical or treadmill – or just go run the dog.  Ow. 



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