The storms of life

There is a benefit to being very hard of hearing and more or less functionally Deaf without my hearing aid. I can’t hear what is annoying to others.  Especially things that make the dog crazy.  And what makes the dog craziest of all are storms and loud banging noises like firecrackers.

Recently, we’ve been in the grip of a lot of storms; not the thunder and lightning crashing storms, just heavy rain and wind. And yet, those hard rains and howling winds send him tumbling into bed with me at night.  Mind you, most of the year he prefers his crate or even lounging on the couch. But when there’s bad weather I might as well just sing, “Me and my shadow” because he’s with me wherever I go in the house.  I suppose if it was possible he’d go camp out with his “Mom” at night, but since her cat is terrified of him that’s not an option.  He’s figured out I’m the next best alternative.  Beats huddling under a desk, quivering in fright that the storm is going to eat him.

The interesting part is that I can tell if the weather is turning without needing to consult the weather channel or the iPhone. If there is a storm on the way all I have to do is watch just how close Duke stays to me and whether he follows me to the staircase in the hopes of sleeping over.


    1. LOL who needs a broadcast when there’s a weather sensitive dog? But he can’t tell me the difference between a tornado and a lightning storm. I mostly use Internet for weather, even emergency-or push notices on the iPhone.

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