Lipreading Mom

Lipreading Mom’s Note: When I think of an inspiring role model for all of us lipreading moms and dads, I think of Denise Portis. This mom of two not only thrives with a profound hearing loss, but she lives with the balance-affective condition Meniere’s Disease. The first thing I noticed about Denise was her sense of childlike wonder. In many photos, Denise hangs out with a cute canine named Chloe, her lovable hearing service dog. On her blog, Hearing Elmo, the main image is of Denise snuggling with a dozen red Elmo dolls. After receiving a cochlear implant, Elmo’s vibrant, giggling voice was the first sound Denise heard. Denise shares how her hearing loss journey models creativity and compassion to her two children.

Denise Portis’ Story

My children are 11 months apart. I clearly remember my husband turning to me in the family room in 1991, while I rocked…

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