It’s been Eons…

About 4 years ago I joined a site called Eons.  It was a boomer focused social networking site located in the greater Boston area. Over the years it morphed with the lowered age limits, created and then spun off a dating site that was sort of moribund from the get-go. Now it appears Eons itself may have stuck its fork in the wall late last week.

There’s a FB page saying the three remaining staff members are trying to get a “server problem” fixed.  No commercial website is down for the better part of a week without part of the problem being financial.  My best guess is that the sound of “Taps” comes next, which is too bad. I hope I’m wrong, but even if it staggers back to life, I’m not sure what happens next. People are bailing.

In my trip down memory lane, Eons had various forums I enjoyed and all sorts of “groups” with volunteer leadership. As long as it was legal, there was a group around it. Some groups were a few friends, some had hundreds or more.  I think the photo forums might have been my favorites.

It was fun while it lasted, yet I was already drifting away.  Facebook.  Blogging.  Still, Eons reminded me of the old CLink echo net forums – real discussions as opposed to narcissism in action. So I did check in a few times a week.  The members that knew each other are starting to gather here and there on the web.  I hear a few hundred are on Facebook and there’s another group I know of on another website where I was invited to join.

And so it goes.  It’ll be interesting to see if the remaining staff can raise it from the ashes.

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