The joys of sounds

“The hills are alive….” well, no, not the hills.  The room.  And it isn’t exactly the sound of music, it’s the sound of my cell phone.  During a meeting.  An interpreted meeting.

Now, mind you, when I use my cell phone in general I use my bluetooth enabled Phonak hearing aid with a Phonak iCom and I know my cell phone is ringing when I hear a ring-tone in my ear.  However, the ring tone I use on the cell phone is loud and funny.  It suits my sense of humor as it blasts out, “Oh, where is my cell phone?” over and over.  This is great if I am in a quiet space or I can feel the phone vibrate or see it flash.  But… if the phone is in my purse, on the floor, by my feet, and if I’m  not wearing my iCom or it is not on (why wear an iCom in a meeting?) then I’ve got no clue the cell phone is screaming “Oh where is my cell phone?  Where is my cell phone? Where, oh, where oh where oh where…is my cell phone?

Which brings us to last night.  I’m intently focused on the terp when suddenly one terp who is “off” starts signing at me about a phone.  Phone?  What phone?  I look around the room.  I look back to the terp. She points to my purse and I look down to see a glimpse of my iPhone flashing away and I’m acutely aware it’s telling me to find my cell phone.  Oops!  I duck under the table, scoop it out of the purse, turn it to vibrate and submit to good-natured ribbing about the ring tone and the deaf lady with the phone.

Which brings us to the fact that some of us hard of hearing, almost but not quite deafies can use a cell phone under certain circumstances.  Like when I’m in a quiet area and I’ve got my bluetooth function feeding sound into my ear.  Mostly, though, I use it for text messages and email, but sometimes I do use the phone feature.  And I guess I’ll keep the funny ringtone since everyone (but me) got a good laugh out of it last night

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